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Best Interest of Child Paramount in Denial Of Relocation Petition

The recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case of Speck v. Spadafore reiterates that in a child-custody relocation case the best interest of the child is paramount. The Superior Court vacated the trial court's order granting the mother's petition to relocate from York County, near Harrisburg, to Butler County, near Pittsburgh. In Speck, the parties, C...


Nonbiological Grandparents Granted Standing in Child Custody Case

The recent and important Pennsylvania Supreme Court case of Peters v. Costello has already sparked debates among Pennsylvania family law practitioners. The Peters case is the first of its kind. In the case, the Supreme Court held that nonbiological grandparents who stand in loco parentis to one of the parents of the child with respect to whom they ...


Finding the Fit - The Controversy Over Custody Evaluations in Child Custody Cases

A hot topic that has often been debated among family law practitioners is the "custody evaluation." The never-ending question of whether a mental health evaluation is appropriate in a child custody case is a popular subject not only among family law practitioners but also among psychologists. It is also an interesting topic for the non-family ...