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Enforcing Mortgage Payment Provision in a Postnuptial Agreement

The recent case of Miller v. Miller raises interesting issues for the family law practitioner. Generally, the Miller case pertains to a postnuptial agreement entered between the parties, which included a provision that the husband should pay for the mortgage, taxes and insurance on the marital residence until the marital residence was sold. The f...


Calculating Child Support: Private School, Stock Options, Perks and 401Ks

The recent Pennsylvania Superior Court case of Murphy v. McDermott provides the family law practitioner with reminders and clarifications as to calculating a party's income for support purposes. The Murphy case focuses on four main issues: whether a parent should be obligated to contribute toward private school tuition; whether one-time stock optio...


Entire Amount of Attorney Fees Request Warranted in Child Support Case

On April 8, 2008, The Legal Intelligencer published my article regarding the Pennsylvania Superior Court case of Krebs v. Krebs (hereafter referred to as Krebs I). Krebs I pertained to retroactively modifying a child support order prior to the filing of a petition to modify a support order. In Krebs I , the Pennsylvania Superior Court remanded the ...