Archives: 2011

Superior Court Weighs in on Jurisdictional Issues in Child Custody

Recently, a number of Pennsylvania Superior Court cases have been published pertaining to jurisdiction in child custody cases. The cases of R.M. v. J.S. , C.L. v. Z.M.F.H. and B.J.D. v. D.L.C. will be addressed in this article. Jurisdictional disputes in child custody cases are always a hot topic for family law practitioners. In 2004, Pennsylvania...


Panel Denies Credit for 'Time Served' in Child Support Civil Contempt

An interesting issue was raised recently in a Pennsylvania Superior Court case pertaining to civil contempt in a child support case. In Warmkessel v. Heffner , Eric Heffner appealed a trial court's order refusing to give him credit for time that he served incarcerated as a result of an outstanding bench warrant against his incarceration sanction re...


New Child Custody Act Ushers in Sweeping Changes

On Jan. 24, the new Child Custody Act (Act No. 112 of 2010) went into effect. The new Child Custody Act begins at 23 Pa. C.S.A. §5321 and concludes at 23 Pa. C.S.A. §5340, and replaces sections 5301 through 5315, as well as Section 4346. The act was approximately 10 years in the making and is prospective and applies to actions commenced o...