Archives: 04 2017

How Computer Forensics Can Affect Your Divorce Case

As people spend more and more time on digital and electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, ipads, and computers), digital information becomes more relevant in divorce cases. Social media, computers and cell phones become very prominent in Pennsylvania divorce cases. This is largely because they are a great source of evidence. It is not uncommo...


Can the Court Make Me Vaccinate My Child?

  Vaccination has become a hot topic amongst parents who are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute. If one parent believes in vaccination and one parent does not, the decision to vaccinate your child may not be your decision to make. Continue Reading


In Loco Parentis Status Should Start With Consent

The recent case of K.W. v. S.L. and M.L. v. G.G., 2017 Pa. Super. 56 (March 6), addresses two important issues for family court practitioners and the bench to take note. First, it addresses the collateral order doctrine and then the issue of in loco parentis standing in child custody matters. In family law cases, practitioners and ­litigants are ...


Custody Dispute in Scarlett Johansen’s Divorce

In an example of life imitating art, Scarlett Johannsen has found herself in the middle of a civil war. The Captain America: Civil War star has been embroiled in a now public child custody dispute with her estranged husband, Romain Dauriac.  The two celebrities were negotiating a settlement behind closed doors. However, since filing for divo...