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New Child Custody Law Opens Door a Bit for Grandparents, Third Parties

On July 4, a change to the child custody laws in Pennsylvania is set to impact standing for grandparents and third parties. Historically, grandparents have been given an elevated status with regard to child custody matters. Normally, only parents or people acting as parents (in loco parentis) are individuals who may seek custody of a child. Howeve...


Second Tuesday Divorce Workshop (June 12th)

Second Tuesday is a nationally renowned, award winning, interactive workshop that has helped thousands of women since 1989. We provide a safe place to speak with other women experiencing similar life changes.   Legal IssuesPresented by Shari B. Veisblatt, Esq. The divorce process and legal fees Protecting yourself legally and financially ...


Can I Obtain Full Custody of My Kids?

Potential new clients often tell me that they want “full custody” of their child/ren when they are facing a possible divorce/separation. When I delve a little further into what these clients are actually looking for, i.e. what they believe “full custody” means, I get a wide array of different answers.   Continue Reading