What Experts are Available to Assist Me in My Divorce?

We use a wide variety of experts to help us resolve issues that may require assistance of another professional. The video below covers the types of experts we may use including appraisers and forensic accountants. Watch the video below or contact us for more information.


Camden County Attorneys Discuss Contribution for College Expenses

In New Jersey, parents are obligated to contribute to the college education of their children if they have enough means to do so. This video explains the several factors that determine if you can get contribution to the college expenses of your child.  For more information, view the full video below or contact us.


Camden County Divorce Lawyers Explain the Discovery Process

In this video we will discuss what the discovery process is and the two types of discovery: interrogatories and requests for production of documents. Although it can be a time consuming process, our divorce attorneys are here to get you organized and assist with all your divorce needs. View the video for more information.


Family Law for Unmarried Parents: Relief From the Court for Your Child

Our Cherry Hill child support lawyers are frequently asked questions regarding family law matters for unmarried individuals, such as “How do I seek relief from the court regarding my child if I am not married?” There have been a lot of changes in the court system about how these matters are now handled. For example, filing fees have changed and applications are on a different format.

In this video, Obermayer family attorneys discuss these changes and emphasize it is important that you file the forms as soon as you can because there can be quite a long delay before your matter will be heard.