1. Divorce Study:Divorce After 50 Rising Despite Looming Retirement
"Gray Divorce" is on the rise - in spite of the extra challenges posed by a lengthy marriage and looming retirement.

2. Child Custody: How Often do Non-Custodial Parents see their Children?
Here are the most common reasons why non-custodial parents have little or no contact with their children, and the problems caused by an absent parent.

3. Health and Well-Being: Staying Calm while Negotiating with Your Ex
Ten tips for staying cool and calm during heated divorce-related negotiations or conversations with your ex.

4. Financial Post-Divorce Financial Checklist
These 20 financial "must dos" will put you on the right track financially; complete this list to take control and make the most of your finances post-divorce.

5. Children and Divorce: Advice from Stepkids
Stepparents play a significant role in cultivating a well-adjusted stepfamily. 50 stepchildren of different ages were asked to give advice to stepparents; here's a summary of what they said.