1. Divorce Study: Study: Marrying Someone Your Own Age Could Reduce Risk of Divorce
A new study finds that the age difference between spouses is among the factors that can be used to predict the risk of divorce.

2. Children and Divorce: 5 Ways to Keep Children Out of Conflict During Your Divorce
If you have fought in front of your children, or have said negative things to them about your ex, it's not too late to do the right thing.

3. Military: Military Retirement Benefits and Divorce
Military retirement benefits are often the most valuable asset in a military marriage, so it's important for servicemembers and their spouses to understand the implications of these benefits during a divorce.

4. Financial: Divorce Your Jewelry
Your jewelry can be a potential source of income during divorce, but how do you go about selling some pieces - easily, and for the best price?

5. Recovery: Living in the Present Moment
Is your mind living in the past, present, or future? The present is the only place you have true power and choice; here are strategies to get you back into the present moment.