As a service to our clients, we pleased to provide you with this Divorce Magazine monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

1. Children and Divorce:
Protect Children from Conflict During Divorce
Tips to protect children from conflict, and to reduce the harmful effects of long-term conflict during and after divorce.

2. Divorce News:
Moral Acceptability of Divorce Reaches Record Highs
69% of Americans now find divorce morally acceptable.

3. Contemplating Divorce:
Knowing if You Should Stay or Go
Gauge whether or not you should remain married to your spouse.

4. Divorce Recovery:
Divorce Decorating Checklist: A Primer
Decorating can be your immediate first step to reinvention; you can do it right away!

5. Middle Ground for Couples Renewing Your Relationships:
Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground: Part 3/3
If you need help regulating and resolving conflict safely, these guidelines are for you.