As a service to our clients, we pleased to provide you with this Divorce Magazine monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

1. Legal:
Coming to Terms: Glossary of Divorce
A glossary of common divorce terms used in divorce litigation and court. 
2. Middle Ground for Couples Renewing Your Relationships:
Seven Guidelines for Middle-Ground: Part 2/3
If you need help regulating and resolving con´Čéict safely, these guidelines are for you. 
3. Children and Divorce:
What to Do When Your Kids Don’t Like Your New Partner
How your fiancée/fiancé will fit into your family - this is the biggest test in remarrying. 
4. Marriage, Relationships, and Divorce:
10 Common Relationship-Sabotaging Behaviours: Part 3/3
When the damage is done, the relationship may be beyond repair. 
5. Divorce Finance:
Child Support Overview
A general overview of child support guidelines. 

6. Divorce Recovery
Forgive and Forget
Forgiving is the key to forgetting painful memories and moving on.