When people find themselves in need of legal assistance, they often look to the Internet, a phone book or friends and family for recommendations. Selecting the best lawyer to handle your particular situation is often more difficult than most people realize. Despite the difficulty, choosing the proper attorney is crucial and worth taking the time necessary to do it right.

The following information is provided to give individuals some insight into the types of things they should look for when choosing an appropriate family law attorney to handle their case.

Start by Creating a List
Any individuals seeking legal guidance from an attorney should first express exactly what it is they are attempting to accomplish by hiring an attorney. For example, are you trying to get a divorce? Are you dealing with custody and support issues? Are you willing to consider mediation to resolve your legal issues?

Also, consider whether or not your issues are simple or complex. For instance, do you have extensive assets and complex finances and businesses to deal with? Having a clear understanding of what you are looking for will help you as you start your search for the best lawyer to handle the case. It is also important to remember that not all lawyers practice every type of law.

Narrowing Down the List
At this point, you may have a list a mile long of possible attorneys. But there are ways to narrow the list down even further to at least three or four plausible prospects. One step you can take immediately is to ask others about the attorneys on your list to determine if they are familiar with them. If they have knowledge of an attorney, what were their experiences like when dealing with them?

Also, you may want to consider contacting the state bar to find out if the attorney listed is still in good standing with the association. Has there been any publicity about the attorney, good or bad?

When choosing a lawyer, much of your analysis will start with the first phone call. From the point someone answers the phone, was that individual pleasant to speak with? Did he or she connect you with an actual attorney or a paralegal? Were you asked to come in to discuss your issues in person? All of these questions should be taken under consideration.

Other Considerations
You should also carefully examine an attorney’s track record handling cases of a similar nature. How long has the attorney been practicing in that area of law? Is he or she a member of or affiliated with associations that cater to your particular needs? Does the attorney have an office near you? If your family issues involve someone in another state, is the attorney licensed to practice in that state as well?

Before hiring any attorney, you should always ask for references and speak to individuals who can give you more insight into the attorney’s character, skills and overall trustworthiness.

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