As a service to our clients, we pleased to provide you with this Divorce Magazine monthly e-newsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

1. Divorce Team:
Selecting your Professional Divorce Team
How to get the best possible advisors during your divorce.

2. Divorce Financial Planning:
Steering Clear of Financial Landmines
Understanding the financial and tax implications of your options - and avoiding financial landmines - is critical in creating a settlement that will last long-term.

3. Collaborative Law:
Setting and Prioritizing Goals and Interests
Define and prioritize your goals and interests and take major steps toward achieving a successful divorce.

4. Parenting and Divorce:
The Parent Left Behind
Steps to relieve stress and loneliness when your kids go away with your Ex.

5. Your Life After Divorce:
Take Care of Yourself
When you embark on your divorce, it's important to listen to yourself first.