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Divorce, Separation and Annulment

Going through a divorce is a very emotional time in which many important decisions have to be made that will have far reaching impact on a person’s finances and life. At Obermayer, our goal is to achieve the best results for our clients in the most practical and timely manner possible.

Our Camden County divorce lawyers devote 100% of their time to handling divorce matters in New Jersey. It is very important to retain a lawyer that understands the laws pertaining to divorce and the factors affecting how a court will determine the outcome of your divorce in New Jersey. Our attorneys have practical experience in handling all types of divorces and marital issues including civil unions and same-sex marriages, businesses and professional practices, complex marital estates, high net worth divorces, high profile divorces, international divorces, military divorces, contested and uncontested divorces, prenuptial agreements and tevis claims.

Obermayer divorce attorneys are sensitive to the personal and important decisions our clients have to make during this difficult time. Working from the firm’s Cherry Hill office, our divorce attorneys provide clients in Camden County with step-by-step guidance to reach resolutions that protect the interests of our clients and their children.

Separation – Divorce from Bed and Board

In New Jersey, the separation process is informal and unlike many other states does not require a court order to be legally separated which is referred to as divorce from bed and board. While it is not required legally, a separation agreement is useful in the outlining the arrangements of a couple’s separation including child custody schedules, spousal and child support and other financial issues that occur during a separation.


An annulment is different from a divorce and usually very difficult to obtain in New Jersey. If an annulment is granted, it is as if the marriage itself never occurred. In New Jersey, annulments are usually granted when it can be shown that the person against whom annulment is sought committed a fraud which goes to the essentials of the marriage. An annulment may be granted in the following situations:

  • The marriage is bigamous or polygamous.
  • The couple is related to each other within the degrees prohibited by law (in other words, the relationship is based on incest).
  • One or both of the spouses were at the time of marriage physically and incurably impotent, so long as the party seeking the annulment was unaware of the impotency or incapability at the time of the marriage, and has not subsequently ratified the marriage.
  • One person or both of the spouses lacked capacity to marry because of mental condition, or the influence of intoxicants, drugs, or similar agents; or where there was a lack of mutual assent to the marital relationship; duress; or fraud as to the essentials of marriage; and has not subsequently ratified the marriage.
  • The wife or husband was under the age of 16 or 18 without parental consent at the time of the marriage.

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