Grandparent & Third Party Custody Rights Print This Page

A life changing event like a divorce or death may adversely affect the relationship between a child and a person who isn’t the child’s biological parent such as a grandparent, a close relative (aunt, uncle, brother or sister) or stepparent. Various states have different laws that govern the ability of grandparents and other adults seeking custody or visitation. Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts recognize the rights of grandparents to seek visitation, partial or primary physical custody of their minor grandchild. The courts, however, will consider the best interests of the child before awarding custody or visitation.

Obermayer family law attorneys understand the options available to grandparents and other non-parental adults who are being denied access to the child. In fact, a few of our attorneys help craft the new Pennsylvania custody laws. We are experienced in resolving and litigating the issues of custody and visitation for grandparents and third parties.